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June 20, 2012

A-KON 23: The Great Cosplays!


This is a great collection of Angelwing’s photos of cosplayers taken at A-KON 23 (2012). If you would like to read about her experience at A-KON, you can read her story here!

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Awesome Velma: Zombie Hunter by Alpha Team Cosplay

We interviewed Alpha Team Cosplay about her alternative version cosplay of one of the key members of Mystery Inc. at AnimeNEXT 2014. Jinkies, indeed! Photos by Cantera Cosplay.  
by E. Ortiz


Lolita’s Requiem is Ryūko Matoi! Kill La Kill Cosplay at AnimeNEXT 2014

We interview Lolita’s Requiem about her Kill La Kill cosplay at AnimeNEXT 2014. While there were plenty of Ryūko Matoi cosplayers at the New Jersey convention in mid-June, she managed to pull off Senketsu’s Blade F...
by E. Ortiz


ConnectiCon 2014 Cosplay Gallery, Sunday!

Couldn’t get enough cosplay goodness from the Saturday gallery of photos from this year’s ConnectiCon? Then you are in luck, because here we have the Sunday photos. While the number is less than half that of Saturda...
by Rodney Brown



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