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March 1, 2014

Starfire and Fairy Tales: The Lovely Cosplay of Jazzmin Jolly


Jazzmin Jolly is a fantastic cosplayer from Philadelphia who we had the pleasure of interviewing at Katsucon 2014. We talked to her about her cosplay of AndrAla from the Reboot series. Below her interview is a series of different cosplay photos of Jazzmin, from My Little Mermaid to Teen Titans’ Starfire! You can check out more of her lovely photos here!


AndrAla Cosplay! Photo By Saturn 7


AndrAla (from Reboot) Cosplay. Photo by Saturn 7

alexa poletti2

Photo by Alexa Poletti Photography


Starfire! Photo by Gestalt Photography

adam howell

Funny Starfire photo by Adam Howell

alexa poletti

The Little Mermaid’s Ariel! Photo by Alexa Poletti Photography

Starfire! Photo by Gestalt Photography

Starfire! Photo by Gestalt Photography

kim zier

Photo by Kim Zier Photography

kim zier2

Photo by Kim Zier Photography

kim zier3

Photo by Kim Zier Photography

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